About Paul

Paul O'Bier has 20 plus years on Lake Lewisville and 4 plus years on Lake Ray Roberts.   Crappie trips are both jig and live bait depending on the season and the anglers goals and ability. Vertical jigging over timber and brush piles is the most common tactic during the late spring and summer. Paul also specializes in slow trolling (Spider Rigging) for crappie. This is a tournament tactic that is deadly in the winter when the crappie are holding in deep water over little or no structure. It is also a great way to locate schools of crappie or scattered crappie throughout the year in all depths of water.




About Tex

Whether you are after a trophy sized blue cat fish or just some great eating size cats for the freezer, Tex can teach you the skills you need to become a better cat fish angler. Tex is a top ranked tournament angler in the A.C.A.T.S. circuit and will show you the techniques needed to be able to put fish in your boat!